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What are all these pretty Russian women doing here? What makes beautiful Russian brides search for their soul-mate through the Internet Single Dating? Why Russian woman want a foreign husband? Can't these mail order brides find a partner in their native Ukrainian or Russian city? No, they can't! And that's the main reason why all these Russian brides come to the marriage agencies and single dating services, place their ad in a Russian girls photo catalog. Thousand of Russian girls and Russian women from Ukraine and Russia want to get married, create a family, and be happy. So do you? Are you looking for a Russian bride? Do you want to find a family-oriented Russian woman and create a happy family with her?

6 Important Rules For Single Dating A Russian Woman
  • Be persistent. Once again, this is not an easy or a fast process. You may go through obstacles. For most guys it takes several single dating trips before they meet the right Russian girl or Russian woman. I was engaged after my first trip, then realized that we were all wrong for each other! The second single dating trip was basically done to get over her, and it took several more trips before I eventually met my wife. But I guarantee you it was worth it! Be prepared for obstacles--although you will have considerably fewer, if you follow my advice! You will have mail order brides that you feel are perfect for you suddenly stop writing. You will inadvertently offend one or two ladies. Things will happen. What is important is that you keep on going. Keep writing, calling, searching. Your reward will be a wonderful Russian or Ukrainian bride.

  • Be prolific. You need to write to a large number of Russian women. The more the better your chances are. If you only make contact with 5 Russian ladies, maybe only 1 of them will decide to respond to you. Maybe after a letter or two she decides that you are not really right for each other. Or maybe you decide it would not work out with her. Then you have no one else and have to start at the beginning again! It is far better to start out by writing to 100 ladies, through a well-respected marriage agency that specializes in Russian women and women from the FSU.

  • Show her you are for real. When you are communicating, whether it is through email, postal mail or telephone, show her you are serious. Ask serious questions—about her, her family. Find out what kinds of things she is interested in, what her dreams and goals are. Ask why she has considered meeting and possibly marrying a foreigner. Find out everything you can about her. She will also be trying to find out the same about you. For her it may be a bit more difficult since her English will be limited. There are always interpreters, but you should be prepared (at least in the beginning) to do more of the talking. As she sees that you are serious and interested in her (and hopefully just plain interesting as well!) she will start to relax and open up—and then talk much more!

  • Be honest. Answer her questions honestly and openly. Do not misrepresent yourself. If you do meet in the end it will be much more painful if you were not honest. The biggest thing about this is you just need to be yourself. Do not be afraid. They are not seeking a rich man who is going to sweep them away from a hard life into the lap of luxury. No, they only want to find a man who will love and respect them; someone they can love and respect in turn.

  • Be ready to visit. In order to marry a foreign woman, it is a requirement that you have had a personal meeting. This is best accomplished by going to her country, since it is highly unlikely that she will be able to get a visa to come to the USA (or any other Western country for that matter). I do not mean to say that you must know ahead of time which area of the FSU you would like to see, nor do you need to have the travel agent’s number on speed dial! Just be ready to go and meet her when the time seems right.

  • Don’t be afraid to take the lead. Russia and all of the FSU is a very male-dominated society/culture. If any of today’s "liberated" American women were to see the FSU, they would go crazy with rage! Be that as it may, a Russian woman will not only expect you to take the lead, she will want you to. One of the biggest contrasts (to me) about Russia and Ukraine is that the men are generally seen as the leaders and head of the family, but yet they are notorious for not assuming this role! Many of the women are tired of having to make all of the decisions for the family, tired of supporting their lazy, deadbeat, drunkard husbands, ex-husbands, or boyfriends. They want to be with someone who is a "real" man. A man that will lead them, protect them and make them feel free to be weak. Free to be a woman.

The Most Charming Russian and Ukrainian Brides!

The main benefit of Russian and Ukrainian single women is the fact that they are eager to create strong relations and happy family. The only problem is to find a kind and caring man who is well-aware of how to treat a lady. If you are still unable to find perfect match for yourself, our website will turn out to the best bet for you. Online dating service has already been brought to a new level. It provides with a perfect chance to find your soul mate at short notice with only a click of a button. Those who still face some difficulties during online conversations or simply do not know what to start with, follow our useful tips that will certainly come in handy. They will help you to find a man who will eventually become you devoted lover and husband.

Online Dating with Russian Brides

  • Russian women are very special. They differ from girls from any other country due to the mysterious Russian soul. The only way to attract such kind of women is to be sincere and attentive while having online conversation with her.
  • You will also need such important qualities and easy-goingness and open-heartedness. Such features will make it easier for you to conquer heart of Russian woman.
  • Every woman likes it when men pay attention at her. This is why you need to be rather caring and attentive. Always keep in mind the date of her birthday or any other important thing and congratulate her on any possible occasion. Try to express as much attention as possible towards your future soul mate.
  • Being open-hearted and down-to-earth is the best way to have interesting and exciting online conversation with a girl. Try to avoid being too serious. Otherwise she will get bored with you really fast. Always smile even if you are on the other side of the world. The girl will certainly feel your good mood and attitude and it will cheer her up.
  • Avoid any notice on conflict situations or quarrels. There is nothing easier than to stop communication or to block a person in case you are not satisfied with the flow of your conversation and future perspectives.

Tips for Online Dating with Russian Brides

  • We all have different superstitions and prejudices especially when it comes to new relations. This is why we often make mistakes and split without any serious reason. However it is rather important to listen to your heart and intuition. We often mix the term “love” with “affection”. This is a common mistake especially when we speak of online dating service. Keep in mind that some dating services establish fees. In other words if you feel like you are being cheated by your new girlfriend, you can always contact managers in order to check if her profile is true or fake.
  • Pay attention to the fact that asking for personal contacts from the very start of your conversation can seem to be a bit pushing for a girl. If you feel like you have already become closer and know a lot about each other, it may be high time to exchange your personal contact data.
  • We have already said about the fact that fake profiles have already become a common thing for the field of online dating service. This is why you are supposed to be rather careful when it comes to gift requests. If you are communicating with a girl for a long time, you can make a gift on your own or at least you will know for sure this is her request. If you receive it from side girls, it is very likely to be nothing more but spam or fraud.

If you are looking for a descent and reliable service of online dating, visit Russian Singles Online and find a perfect match for you. Our website has proved to be one of the most efficient web resources which are aimed on helping people to find their soul mate for creating a family and strong relations. We offer only true profiles of Russian women who are eager to find a caring and devoted man to share her love. You will not find it difficult to use all services and facilities brought to you by our website.

Looking for the Best Ukrainian and Russian Brides? You are ta a right place!



Easy Tips to make only dating with Russian girl as efficient as possible

  • Step 1 – Search for a reliable and reputable dating website and add several photos of good quality.
  • Step 2 - Try to express all your good qualities as well as self-confidence and other features which will make it easy to attract Russian girls. Do not be afraid to write as many letters as possible in order to increase possibility of finding your perfect match.
  • Step 3 – There is nothing wrong on leading conversation with several Russian women at the same time. It will also give you a chance to choose among the best variant that meets all your requirements and needs. You can also evaluate whether you feel comfortable during a conversation with a particular Russian girl.
  • Step 4 – Try to sow your sincerity and avoid lingering. Russian women do not like such kind of men. They are looking for serious relations with future marriage perspectives. Express your true interest for her.
  • Step 5 – Do not be afraid to ask about her family and children in case she has them. Try to be caring and attentive to things which are of the most importance to her.
  • Step 6 – If you feel like she is the one you have always been looking for, do not hesitate and call her, meet her personally and start live conversation. The main idea is not to let those great feeling disappear because of lack of self-confidence or any other reason. Grab your chance to meet the woman of your dream.
  • Step 7 – In case everything runs smoothly on your first date, it is high time to arrange your second meeting. Try to make it as soon as possible so that Russian girl could get used to you.

What Types of Russian Bride you are likely to meet while online dating:

“Down-to-earth and sincere”

Ingenuousness of Russian girls makes them special and different from any other woman. This is why so many men are attracted by those sincere and at the same time funny ladies. If you come across Russian brides agencies and websites, you may notice that some of them do not have professional photos in their profile. This may be due to several reasons. Nevertheless they are trying to find approach with their unique sense of humor making photos of the lowest quality rather cute and attractive. At the same time they pay more attention to positive aspect in conversation. In other words you are not supposed to s[end hours telling her about your work or political situation in your country. The conversation should be fast and sharp offering plenty of things to discuss in the most positive and open-hearted manner. At the same time you should note that Russian women do not expect much from men. All they call for is to be needed. They want a man who knows how to treat real lady. You can discuss any topic you like as Russian women are very educated in the majority of cases. At the same time they usually know at least one foreign language which makes conversation rather easy. Such type of girls will be a perfect choice for those who are eager to create a happy family. However you should pay attention to the fact that such type of women may have some ambitions which you need to consider while creating relations with her. You need to be supportive and caring in case you want to make her happy. Note that you will eventually be rewarded for such approach.

“Striving to succeed”

This type of women can be determined by such terms as ambitions and effect. They try to make everything possible in order to stress their abilities and success. You have certainly come across profiles which contain photos near luxury cars which cost more than semi-detached house in all her fancy clothes and jewelry. This is that type of Russian girl. They are likely to match active men who know what they are striving to. Such women have certainly reached some success in their lives. They are independent. But at the same time they need a strong and independent man by their side. Such women are perfect to go out, visit different parties and meetings of high society. They are well0educated and know several foreign languages. At the same time they can support any discussion in different fields starting from sport and economy. Always keep in mind that this type includes rather active women. It means that they can easily combine several tasks. For example, they can be perfect mothers as well as business ladies. However there is one problem that can result in future negative aspect in your relations. Such women are extremely ambitious. In other words you will hardly influence her decision in case she set herself clear targets for future. The only thing is to have the same goals and reach them together with mutual support. At the same time you should never interfere with her plans and aims. Otherwise it will lead to unhealthy relations and problems in future.

“Family Values”

This type of Russian women is the best bet for those who are looking for devoted wives and stable relations. You will easily recognize this type while looking through numerous profiles on dating website. They usually fill in all necessary information rather carefully without missing a single column. Their photos look rather natural even though they were made by professionals. They write in a “long” manner looking for a chance to express their thoughts and attitude to a particular question. The main benefit of such ladies is the fact that good relations and happy marriage are their main priorities. In other words if you meet such profile, you have a great chance to start serious and reliable relations with good perspectives for a future marriage and creation of family. Another advantage is the fact that they do not expect much from men. Their demands are not astonishing in comparison with other types. Stability and reliability are the main features they are looking in men. It considers also financial situation and devotion. Representatives of this type are the best mothers and wives. They will never let their husbands down. They are ready to become life-long partners and supporters in all kinds of situation. They are always ready to leave their home town for any other place of living if they truly fall in love. This aspect is of great importance for foreigners. Not every Russian woman is ready to leave her native town and family. This type is exception from that rule.

Correspondence Pointers To Help You

1. Amount – be fertile.

Decided to find Russian girl for marriage? Write to as many Russian girls as possible. You will receive only 15-20% of response on your letter. Why does it happen? Some Russian women choose someone else to fit them better. Some of them could be offended by the manner of your conversation; others misunderstand your questions and do not want to continue the contact with you. We are all human and believe that is the only second part of us in the world. Of course, all Russian women you try to contact can not be fond of only you. They also talk to other fellows and fall in love with them. So, don’t worry if not all the mail order brides answer you. Keep correspondence with those who keep in touch.

2. Pictures—Do not place too much importance on her photos

Do not pay too much attention on her pictures. Pictures are just pictures – they could transmit the appearance in the wrong way – depending on the lightning and focus. Your Russian woman will look different in life. It would be just great if Russian wife look much better in person than in pictures! Actually you also have different pictures of your own – just recall your passport photo – understand what I mean. Picture is not a real Russian girl – it could be good reflection. Ask your Russian woman for more photos to see real picture. But of course you can not be sure that these pictures are not old ones. Now your Russian woman could look in the other way. Don’t fall in love with appearance.

3. Copy and save everything you write and what was written for you

Make a record of all your conversations with your potential Russian bride, especially if you write to some of them. Prepare a folder for each of them. Keep track of all the themes you have discussed and all the answers of Russian girls. Usually Russian women go furious about the same question you ask. Russian women even can stop to write you when they feel out that you write to someone besides her. Score all the times you have called to your Russian girls. Keep promises to call and do not mix up the names. This approach makes it more effective to contact for 4 or 5 potential Russian brides at the same time.

4. Choose the right photos – don’t be shy to enclose your new picture to every letter.

Prepare the sample of the first contact letter and order the translation of it into Russian, especially if you have decided to contact by post. When you have chosen your Russian girl, send her these two letters. Even if Russian girl knows English it would be very nice of you to help her understand your intentions clearly. And you will increase the percents of responses.

5. Translate your first contact letter.

Then, whenever you would like to make contact with a new lady, it will be ready to go. If you are going to send this letter through the postal mail, have it translated into Russian and save the master copy for this as well. In this case I recommend that you send both the English and the Russian version in your first contact. This way if the woman is learning English she will really appreciate the help, guidance and your thoughtfulness.

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